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Torque Conversion Factors

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  Quantity     Reference Unit     is equal to     Conversion Factor     Unit  
1dyne centimeter = 1  dyne centimeter
1dyne centimeter = 0.01  dyne meter
1dyne centimeter = 10  dyne millimeter
1dyne centimeter = 0.00101971621298  gram force centimeter
1dyne centimeter = 1.01971621298E-05  gram force meter
1dyne centimeter = 0.0101971621298  gram force millimeter
1dyne centimeter = 1.01971621298E-06  kilogram force centimeter
1dyne centimeter = 1.01971621298E-08  kilogram force meter
1dyne centimeter = 1.01971621298E-05  kilogram force millimeter
1dyne centimeter = 1E-10  kilonewton meter
1dyne centimeter = 1E-05  newton centimeter
1dyne centimeter = 1E-07  newton meter
1dyne centimeter = 1E-04  newton millimeter
1dyne centimeter = 1.1800994078E-06  ounce force foot
1dyne centimeter = 1.41611928936E-05  ounce force inch
1dyne centimeter = 7.3756212117E-08  pound force foot
1dyne centimeter = 8.85074545404E-07  pound force inch

  Quantity     Unit     is equal to     Conversion Factor     Reference Unit  
1dyne centimeter = 1dyne centimeter
1dyne meter = 100dyne centimeter
1dyne millimeter = 0.1dyne centimeter
1gram force centimeter = 980.665dyne centimeter
1gram force meter = 98066.5dyne centimeter
1gram force millimeter = 98.0665dyne centimeter
1kilogram force centimeter = 980665dyne centimeter
1kilogram force meter = 98066500dyne centimeter
1kilogram force millimeter = 98066.5dyne centimeter
1kilonewton meter = 10000000000dyne centimeter
1newton centimeter = 100000dyne centimeter
1newton meter = 10000000dyne centimeter
1newton millimeter = 10000dyne centimeter
1ounce force foot = 847386.24dyne centimeter
1ounce force inch = 70615.52dyne centimeter
1pound force foot = 13558180dyne centimeter
1pound force inch = 1129848.33333dyne centimeter